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Joy Søndergaard


Lyngby, Denmark

26th April 1983

My personal message for Michael:
Michael, I want to thank you from the deepest of my heart for everything you've done for me in my life, The only reason I'm still a live today is because of you, I live and breathe because of you, if you weren't there I'd find it very very hard why to keep on fighting.


Michael Jackson of cause hehe, my boyfriend Martin, my horse Ariel, my cat Balou, my friends, my family, internet/computers, biology, nature, animals, science/technology, medicine and loads of other stuff hehe.

I'm studying pharmacology, and will the next ½ year till I graduate and become a pharmacologist. Then my plans are to work for some years and earn some money and maybe if I ever get time and can afford it I'll go to University and study biology or gentecnology.

Fan History:
I've been fan for 16 years and I became a fan the first time I heard the dangerous album. I just fell in love with that album the first time I heard it.

HIStory Tour, the 29th August 1997 in Copenhagen, Parken Stadium. The 30th anniversary celebration, the 10th September 2001 in New York, Madison Square Garden.

The Tenth Annual MJ Day, the 7th March 2001 in London, London Apollo. The Demonstration against Sony, the 15th June 2002 in London, Sony Headquarters.

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